Royal Recipe: Espresso Tonic

Tonic water and espresso are both undeniable classics. These two ingredients are the stars of our refreshing Espresso Tonic – an unusual and delicious non-alcoholic mixed drink.

Tonic water is a world-famous star when it comes to mixed drinks – the gin and tonic and the vodka tonic would be nothing without it. Its complex blend of flavours – and the fact that, despite its bitterness, it doesn’t mask the flavour of the spirits and non-alcoholic mixers it is added to – make tonic water an ideal filler in mixed drinks.


When it comes to the Espresso Tonic, less is more!

Given that tonic water makes such a perfect partner, we decided to pair it with an espresso. Unlike most cocktails, which are a blend of at least three different flavour components, we kept our drink deliciously minimalist – it contains nothing but a full-bodied Café Royal Espresso and tonic water. As the tonic water makes up three-quarters of this drink, we recommend choosing one that you enjoy drinking on its own. Our favourite is made by Fever-Tree.

The principle of less is more also applies when it comes to this drink’s appearance. No brightly coloured juices or syrups, no fruits on a skewer, no umbrella, no straw, no stirrer – just a stunning layered look. Thanks to the mysterious mutual antipathy the two liquids seem to share, the espresso sits perfectly upon the surface of the tonic water rather than mixing with it. It must be something to do with physics. And it’s no big deal if your espresso does disappear below the surface as it won’t ruin the flavour – in fact, it will improve it! OK, now it’s time to show off your mixing skills.

Ingredients for an Espresso Tonic (approx. 300 ml):

Preparation time:

  • 10 minutes


  • A long-drink glass and an
  • espresso glass

Preparing the Espresso Tonic

  1. Fill the long-drink glass with ice cubes and pour in the chilled tonic water.
  2. Slowly pour a freshly prepared Café Royal Espresso over the tonic water so that the two liquids do not mix.
  3. Garnish the drink with a piece of lemon zest.

For those who prefer a more intense coffee flavour, we recommend making this drink with our Espresso Forte or Doppio Espresso.


The Espresso Tonic is a refreshing drink that will look great on any Instagram profile.