Types of coffee drinkers: the latte-mum

Strollers block the entrance of the cafés. The stocks of milk in stock tend to end dangerously. Loud chatter penetrates from inside. Welcome to the natural habitat of the so-called Latte-Mum: the Coffee shop.

The Latte-Mum is on its way to your favourite café. Included in the luggage: stroller and thermo mug. Your collection of colourful returnable beakers is impressive, as well as your litre-wise consumption of Latte Macchiatos. That's why the large glass of milk with a touch of espresso is also eponymous for these coffee drinker types.

As a Latte- Mum, she does not only have a predilection for Latte Macchiato. No, she basically loves everything the milk palette has to offer: Café au lait, Chai Tea Latte, Cappuccino, Moccacino or milk coffee, just to name a few. Especially as a busy "Mum", coffee is her daily haven of peace. Her little break from the stress of daily routine, preferably together with her friends - mostly all "Mums" themselves.


The café as a natural habitat

When she's not precisely on a playground mission, she prefers break shops that look as if grandmother's furniture has strayed into an urban coffee shop. The good is trend-conscious: without a stylish striped straw, even the most milky member of the Italian coffee family does not taste so good. Of course, the trendy time out is documented via Instagram.

As you know, a Latte-Mum seldom comes alone, so the cafés that are visited become a regular exclusion zone. Other guests must make their way to the counter first by using three strollers and bombastic diaper bags. Accompanied by a sound carpet for hours of conversations of the Latte-Mums. Whether on the latest food blogs, Scandinavian interior design trends, exotic destinations or the growth progress of your children.

As varied as the different types of milk, so too are the different characteristics of Latte-Mums:

The Soya-Mum

Drinking one's coffee with soya milk is a widespread trend, but also a hotly debated one. Especially if you take a closer look at the growing conditions of soya. However, the Soya-Mum can hardly be impressed by such discussions. Almost dogmatically, she avoids every drop of cow's milk. Why doesn't she sometimes know exactly, "everyone does it so, right"

The farm milk-Mum

Only the best of the farm gets the farm milk-Mum in her Latte glass. Full-flavoured and from a fat content of 3.5% upwards. Only with this milk can one still taste what kind of grass the cow ate four days before. At least that's what the farm milk-Mum says. Preferably regional and organic. The milk, not the Mum.

The lactose free-Mum

The lactose-free Mum is a bit moody in nature. Since she does not want to give up her three daily Latte Macchiati from cow's milk, despite various intolerances, her only option remains the path to lactose liberty. She seems sometimes unintentionally selective. For example, when she convincingly attempts to smell the milk froth, whether she nonetheless did not get the wrong Latte.


A Latte-Mum is Latte-Mum everywhere. And when the café becomes too busy for her, she just takes the coffee shop home. At the touch of a button, you and your guests will have everything the coffee spectrum has to offer – from Ristretto to Cappuccino right up to the obligatory Latte Macchiato

The Latte-Mum

  • How do you recognize them? Subtle milk foam leftovers on the upper lip.
  • What does she say to you? „Is that okay with the stroller? Or is it disturbing? "
  • What happens when drinking coffee together? They squabble for about two hours.
  • What can you learn from her? Take some time for yourself again.
  • How do you best deal with her? Move with her from café to café.