Recipe Royal: Cold Brew Coffee

There is hardly a coffee shop that does not advertise it this summer: "Cold Brew", the permanent guest on every slate. But what is it really? Just cold coffee? We provide tutoring on Cold Brew and we deliver three refreshing variations on top.

The Coffee-Nerds have been whistling from the roof for a long time: coffee is "brewed" cold in summer! What seems to be contradictory at first is a relatively simple method, where coffee is used for many hours with cold water. The so-called cold brew is the perfect beverage for all caffeine junkies, to whom normal coffee is a number too hot in summer.

Good thing vs. the moment

Cold Brew is more for the patient than for those in a hurry: it has to pull at least twelve hours to get its intense aroma. The result is a coffee that contains about 70% less acids and bitter substances. Especially tolerated, not only for the stomach, but for the sense of taste as well. Because Cold Brew has extremely fruity notes and a depth of taste. Twelve very well spent hours therefore. And you prepare it thus:

For 4-5 glasses of Cold Brew:

  • 200 g coarsely ground coffee (light roast, e.g., mild beans)
  • 1000 ml cold, filtered water

Preparation time:

  • Steep it for about 2 minutes + 12 hours


  • French Press or pitcher
  • coffee filter
  • foil to cover


Preparation: Cold Brew Coffee

  1. Place the coffee – preferably fresh and coarsely ground – in a container of sufficient size or a French press. Especially good is a coffee with light roast.
  2. Add water and stir well. Especially filtered water later gives a nice fruit acid.
  3. Cover the vessel and allow to rest for at least 12 hours at room temperature.
  4. Now filter the coffee concentrate. Either through a coffee filter into a second container or by pressing down the filter on the French Press.
  5. Done! Whom the coffee concentrate is too intense, add a few ice cubes or a little water.

The Cold Brew itself tastes pretty good. For those who want to look further beyond their glass rim, we have three unusual variations of cold coffee:

For a fresh head: with lemon juice

Particularly refreshing is the combination of lemon juice and cold brew. Almost like English tea. Only without milch. Or Tee. And cold. Hence completely different:

  1. Add about 20 ml of fresh lemon juice to 300 ml of Cold Brew.
  2. Add a few ice cubes and stir.

For a mild moment: with almond milk

A simple but effective variation of Cold Brew is its combination with almond milk. Especially coffee with a strong body gets the nutty-mild aroma. How much almond milk you give to Cold Brew, you decide - to your taste.


For a sparkling evening: With Tonic Water

If you want our Espresso Tonic, you will love the Cold Brew Tonic! Its preparation is just as simple as the classic – and the optics are equally striking.

  1. Give 100 ml of tonic water and 50 ml Cold Brew in a jar. Those who first fill up the ice cubes and tonic and then slowly the coffee, can look forward to two striking layers in one's drink.
  2. Fill with ice cubes and add a slice of grapefruit to it.

The fruity notes of the cold brew harmonize perfectly with the slightly bitter freshness of the tonic waters. And when the sparkling evening is to become a long one, confidently give something of your favourite gin into the summery drink.