Café Royal capsules are made of 90% plastic and can be placed in household or non-recycable waste. This includes our compatible capsules for Nespresso®* machines and the Nescafe®*-Dolce Gusto®* system.

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As a premium coffee manufacturer, we take our ecological and social responsibility seriously. For this reason, we only source coffee from plantations which carry the UTZ or other comparable label. We are convinced that sustainability is essential at all stages of coffee production, including farming, processing and local working conditions. By being sustainable, we can make a fundamental difference, both ecologically, socially, qualitatively and by providing better flavours.

In Honduras we have gone one step further thanks to our La Laguna project, which has enabled us to work directly with local farmers and cut out intermediaries. We also provide our farmers with long-term purchase contracts. New modern machines have been purchased to ensure that coffee is processed optimally and to increase the local processing capacity. Our farmers are supported by agronomists during the farming, processing and transport of their coffee. They also receive assistance with the management and UTZ certification of their farms, as well as with the development of new sources of income. This helps us to improve their quality of life and working conditions in the best possible way: by being sustainable.


UTZ is a leading sustainability scheme for coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnuts. Contrary to many people's assumptions, it is not an abbreviation. UTZ simply means "good" in an old Mayan language from Guatemala, where the sustainability scheme was launched in the 1990s. Since then, plantations across Latin America, Africa and Asia have joined the scheme.

The UTZ sustainability scheme teaches farmers how to grow and harvest their coffee sustainably. By using more professional processes, farmers are able to increase the quantity and quality of their harvest, which leads to a higher income and better prospects. They also learn how to protect the environment and natural resources.

A product must meet clearly defined social, environmental and economic requirements in order to become UTZ-certified. Plantations are inspected by independent experts to verify whether these requirements have been met.

Almost the entire Café Royal range has been certified since the launch of our brand. You can follow the journey of your coffee. To find out how, visit the corresponding product page. It couldn't be easier!