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Sustainably produced and processed coffee


Sustainably harvested coffee


Does coffee from sustainable production taste better than normal coffee? Admittedly, that’s not a simple question. Here is our answer: Whether coffee is produced and processed in line with the principle of sustainability has less to do with taste. It has far more to do with responsibility. We are convinced that sustainability is necessary in coffee production – and it makes people feel good. That is what makes a difference in terms of taste.

As a supplier of Swiss premium coffee, we guarantee the highest quality. We see it as our responsibility to produce Café Royal sustainably. For us, sustainability applies both to the production and processing of coffee. There is one key principle: We source green coffee seeds from plantations that have the UTZ or a comparable label.



“UTZ” meant “good” in the Mayan language

UTZ is a leading sustainability programme for coffee, cacao and tea. The word UTZ is not an abbreviation but means “good” in one of the Mayan languages of Guatemala. That is where the sustainability programme began in the 1990s. Since then, plantations across Latin America, Africa and Asia have joined the programme.

UTZ offers the certainty that this is a “Better Farming. Better Future.” quality product manufactured with due care for people and the natural environment.

The UTZ sustainability programme helps farmers to become better business persons and, by extension, to produce and harvest coffee professionally and sustainably. Thanks to the programme, farmers improve their harvest, their income and their prospects while, at the same time, learning to protect the environment and natural resources.

For coffee, cocoa and tea products to be UTZ certified, the plantations must meet clearly defined social, environmental and economic requirements. Independent third parties verify whether the plantations meet these requirements.


coffee harvest sustainable coffee dried coffee beans


Social requirements


Environmental requirements
  • • Minimisation of water and energy consumption
  • • Prevention of soil erosion and water pollution
  • • Controlled use of fertilisers and pesticides
  • • Full documentation of certified products


Economic requirements
  • • Training of workers
  • • Learning of professional cultivation methods
  • • Improved quality and productivity
  • • Training in safety standards
  • • Traceability of all certified products


Since its launch, almost the entire Café Royal range has been UTZ certified.