Special Editions for the Nespresso®* system

For those who love their coffee simple. And are looking for something exceptional. The Café Royal Special Editions are perfectly suited for use in your Nespresso®* machine.

Special Editions

Special Edition capsules for the Nespresso®*-System

The special choice. For connoisseurs with character.

  • Our Special Editions make for those special coffee moments. These extraordinary editions always offer coffee pleasure with that extra kick - regardless of personal tastes. Try our agent’s choice - the Agent’s Edition, or Italy’s temperament with our Italian Edition. Sample a unique roast with our Special Roasts or the distinctive coffees from La Laguna, a project that is dear to us.
  • Compatible – we developed our Café Royal capsules specifically for use in your Nespresso®* machine. That’s why the capsules are suited for all current Nespresso®* models. So you can prepare your Café Royal just like you’re used to with your coffee machine at home.
  • Best Swiss quality – there’s a reason why Café Royal is the best-selling compatible capsule for Nespresso®* in Switzerland. It’s not just the independent expert and consumer tests like “Bon à Savoir” and “Kassensturz” confirming this; our customers also agree: Café Royal is great to use with the Nespresso®* system, has a perfect crema and an outstanding taste.
  • Taste with a flavour-seal – Thanks to our capsules with a plastic shell you can always enjoy the best flavours
    of your coffee. The flexible plastic fits perfectly with the piercing mechanism of your Nespresso®* machine. At the same time, the flavour-sealing capsule protects the ground coffee inside from negative influences, like light, moisture, or oxygen - and you always have the ideal flavour in your coffee cup. We are constantly enhancing our capsules for you.
  • Café Royal capsules are suitable for the following Nespresso®* machines: Capri – Citiz – Creation – Cube – Essenza – Essenza Mini – Inissia – KitchenAid Artisan – Lattissima – Lattissima Premium – Lattisima Touch – Lattissima Plus – Lattissima Pro – Maestria – Pixie – Prodigio – Romeo – U – Umilk. Café Royal capsules are not suitable for the following machines: Miele built-in devices – spring piston machines (Jura N75, Turmix C225, etc.)