Classic Range for the Nespresso®* system

For those who love their coffee simple. And are loyal to the classics. Café Royal Classic capsules are specifically designed for use in your Nespresso®* machine.


Cassic capsules for the Nespresso®*-System

Classic coffee. New concept.

  • The Classic Range is the ideal choice for all coffee aficionados who love it the classic way. Our Classic Range offers a wide selection of coffee classics, such as Café Royal Espresso, Lungo, Ristretto or Espresso Decaffeinato. Simply classic, simply great.
  • Compatibility
    • Café Royal capsules were specifically designed for your Nespresso®* machine and are compatible with all current models. So you can make your favourite coffee in your kitchen just like you’re used to.
  • Proven quality
    • Our capsules are the top-selling compatible capsules for the Nespresso®* system in Switzerland. Independent consumer and expert tests agree: Our coffee tastes great, forms the perfect crema and is very well suited for use in the Nespresso®* system.
  • Packaging
    • Our capsules consist of flexible plastic. This means they perfectly adapt to your Nespresso®* machine, without damaging the piercing mechanism. The shell of the capsule protects the ground coffee inside and its flavour.
  • Aroma-sealed
    • Our aroma-sealed plastic capsules prevent oxygen, light, and moisture from penetrating. This way the coffee powder won’t oxidize and the taste remains just like it is supposed to be in your cup. Moreover, our capsules do not require any additional outer packaging which makes them more environmentally friendly than comparable compatible capsules. We are also constantly enhancing our capsules.
  • Café Royal capsules are suitable for all Nespresso®* machines. THe only exceptions are: Miele built-in devices as well as the piston machines (old models: Jura N75, Turmix C225, etc.).