La Laguna, Honduras


Most of the 100,000 coffee growers in Honduras only own small plots of land and have to transport their coffee over long distances to process and sell it, which also involves a lot of extra cost. For many, coffee is their only source of income. This means that there can be disastrous consequences for the families when the harvest is poor or when the crop fails due to changes in the climate.

La Laguna

La Laguna is one of 27 villages that make up the municipality of Concepción del Norte. Around 10,000 people live here. The “Beneficio”, situated above the village, also houses a small village store. The aim is to enable 300 local smallholders to wash and dry their coffee in this processing facility. This centralisation should improve the quality of the coffee in the long term and secure a regular, better income for the farmers.

Life in La Laguna

The “Beneficio” is a popular meeting place for residents of La Laguna and the surrounding villages. They gather to talk business as well as to chat about life in general. The community feeling is strong – everyone lends a hand when someone needs help. The coffee growers live in very basic conditions. A few houses, a primary school and a village square with a church are the only landmarks in this small village.