Types of coffee drinkers: the sweet tooth

Two sugars are the bare minimum? A good coffee has to have a flavoured syrup in it? A coffee is only ready to drink once cream has been added? In contrast to many coffee drinkers, the sweet tooth would answer a resounding “yes” to these questions.

Everything is quiet in the far corner of the coffee shop. Two girlfriends are focusing all their attention on taking the perfect photo of their untouched coffees to post on Instagram.

Calling these drinks coffees might stretching the definition a little too far, though. Cake smoothies might be a little bit closer to the truth. Introducing: the sweet tooth. Nobody loves sugar and syrup in their coffee more than this type of coffee drinker. Vanilla latte, dark chocolate double mocha or pumpkin spice latte – it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s sugary sweet. And, if she is being honest, what the sweet tooth really wants is a coffee that doesn’t really taste like coffee at all.


What truly gives the sweet tooth away is the length and complexity of the name of their favourite coffee, which often causes difficulties when the coffee is ordered – on both sides of the counter. We are in awe of any barista who is able to remember an order for a “double-choc low-fat whipped cream mocha latte on ice with marshmallows” without having to write it down.

The sweet tooth always turns it up to 11 when it comes to sugary sweetness in her coffee. She loves any possible combination of cream, hazelnut syrup, chocolate sauce and marshmallows. All this sugar leaves us asking ourselves if there is actually any coffee in these calorie-packed creations, while the sweet tooth is left wondering how anyone could possibly drink nothing but black coffee.


Share first, drink later

A good social-media presence is one of the most important things in the life of the sweet tooth. She will do anything to make sure she is among the first to adopt the latest coffee and food trends – she will be first in line when the Coffee in a Cone café opens in town, and the coffee shop that does rainbow latte art has been her favourite hang-out from the moment it opened. Anyone who wants to know exactly where the sweet tooth will be at any point during the day need do nothing more than check her Instagram stories.

She particularly loves the coffee sold by the well-known coffee chains – everyone knows they have the biggest choice of syrups. The flavour added to her coffee is something of a seasonal affair. For example, when summer turns to autumn, she exchanges her blended iced coffee in a plastic cup for a pumpkin spice or gingerbread latte. Which is good news, as the latter look so much better in Snapchat photos.


Sugar love: scientifically proven

But liquid is not the only form in which the sweet tooth likes to feed her cravings. She can often be observed ordering cookies, brownies or a piece of cake to accompany her afternoon “coffee”. If you often meet the sweet tooth for coffee, you should probably think about having your blood sugar checked regularly. We would like to take this opportunity to recommend our Flavoured Edition to all sucrose fans to help them avoid a sugar overload. With these capsules, the sweet tooth can enjoy the delicious flavour of caramel or almond, without taking a one-way trip to sugar heaven.

Scientists discovered why coffee and sugar go together so well years ago. Studies have shown that the caffeine in coffee actually makes the sugar in it seem less sweet. This is why many people – not just the sweet tooth – try to balance out this effect with more sugar, syrup or cookies. If you belong to this breed of coffee drinker, you now have the perfect excuse to strike up conversations about your coffee preferences!

Upon closer observation of this species, we notice that coffee novices in particular seem to appreciate the fact that these sugar-loaded concoctions hardly taste of coffee at all – so perhaps sweet tooth is just a stage in the development of every coffee drinker? Or maybe it is just the expression of an unconditional love of sugar.


The sweet tooth

  • How can you spot her? A trail of cream and chocolate chips leads to her table.
  • What does she say? “I just love the fact that they’re putting unicorns on everything right now – even coffee!”
  • What happens when you drink coffee together? You will have a little bit more energy than usual.
  • What can you learn from her? That you don’t have to take coffee so seriously. And adding three syrups to your coffee might make it more delicious than you would have thought.
  • What’s the best way to deal with her? You should definitely like her latest Instagram photo.