5 tips for making really strong coffee

Do you need at least three cups of coffee to get going in the morning? Do you make up for your lack of sleep with an extra caffeine kick? If so, then it’s probably time for you to switch to stronger coffee.

1. Buy the right beans

The proper beans are the basis for strong coffee. Espresso beans are roasted for longer, which gives them a richer flavour. And automatically more caffeine? No, a cup of filter coffee actually contains twice the caffeine of a cup of espresso, mainly because of the difference in size.

In general, coffee blends differ in strength. There are blends with weaker or stronger beans, for example our Single Origin India. As a rule of thumb, the more Robusta beans there are in a blend, the more caffeine the coffee will have. On the other hand, the amount of Arabica beans included in the blend can be adjusted to achieve the perfect flavour.

2. Only use fresh coffee

It might sound obvious, but one of the basic prerequisites for strong coffee is freshness. Be sure to store your coffee in a cool, dark, dry place. Airtight packaging allows the coffee to retain its flavour and strength for as long as possible. Even the strongest of coffees will lose its kick if it is left open in the refrigerator for weeks at a time.


3. Use the perfect grind

Freshly grinding your coffee helps to unlock its full potential. That’s why you should always grind your beans right before you’re ready to use them. In order to make sure that you get a strong cup of coffee, be sure to grind the beans as finely as possible. The finer the grind, the more flavour and substances the coffee releases when it comes into contact with hot water.

4. Experiment with different amounts of water and brew times

The amount of water and the brew time – the amount of time that the coffee is in contact with the hot water – are particularly important when it comes to brewing the strongest cup possible. Use less water for a stronger coffee, or extend the brew time by a little in order to extract more compounds from the coffee. But be careful: the key here is to find the perfect balance of both factors, otherwise your coffee could easily be too bitter and bad for your stomach.


5. If you need a quick and easy caffeine fix:

with our Italian Edition Doppio Espresso, the only thing standing between you and your caffeine kick is the touch of a button. Our espresso embodies the Italian tradition of rich, strong coffees – and at an 11 out of 10 on our intensity scale, it is by far the strongest coffee we’ve got.

With these five tips for brewing stronger coffee, you can kiss tiredness goodbye and enjoy a cup of good taste morning, noon and night.