The 9 best gifts for coffee fans

The magic of Christmas doesn't come easy. Unfortunately the quest for the right gift is just as challenging. That's why we have created the 9 perfect gift ideas for coffee lovers, coffee nerds and all those aspiring to be so.

Christmas is just around the corner. You can already see it in the hallway. And this year was another failed attempt at "purchasing all the gifts in November". You have no desire to spend your day off squeezing past throngs of people in the city centre? No worries. This list will make it easy for you: we have selected 9 ultimate gift ideas for coffee fans. For anyone as crazy about coffee as you.

1. Good coffee


First and foremost, you need a pack of good-quality coffee. That is absolutely essential. The right coffee is a safe (and flavourful) gift idea, for example La Laguna beans from the project close to our heart in Honduras. Those who prefer capsules are just as well catered for with our La Laguna Espresso.

2. Milk frother

Whether that be cappuccino, latte Macchiato or Café au Lait: milk froth is a must! A manual milk frother, e.g. from Bodum will make frothing milk a piece of cake. The perfect gift for all latte mums and dads, who simply cannot survive without milk froth. To the milk, frothed and off you go!

3. Coffee To-Go cups


Do you always have a coffee in your hand? Then you might as well do it with the elegant To-Go cups, e.g. from Stelton. Not only do they look great, they also keep your coffee warm for a long time. From now on, no more spills! The right gift for all coffee lovers who never leave the house without a coffee in their hand

4. Indoor coffee plant

Herb bed for the windowsill is a thing of the past. We all know that true coffee fans deserve a coffee plant: the Ecocube, e.g from, is a stylish wooden cube from which you can grow your own coffee plant. Those who have particularly green fingers, can harvest their own coffee cherries after a few years. And from your very own living room!

5. Coffee machine on the go


You always need coffee. And everywhere you go. If you are lost without your own coffee machine when out and about, you will be delighted about its portable version: Espresso on the go! From a Minipresso, e.g. by Wacaco. For the perfect coffee no matter where you are. On the underground, during a hiking excursion on the mountain peak or in a never-ending meeting. You decide.

6. Capsule dispenser


The kitchen unit is full of half-empty coffee packages? There is a better way of doing it! Those who continually wonder where they should store their coffee capsules, will be delighted about the gift of a coffee dispenser e.g. by Eva Solo. Minimalistic, tidy, attractive – and it willalso give you more space for the normal kitchen chaos this Christmas.

7. Coffee image with statement


The perfect gift for all caffeine junkies, who need three cups of coffee in the morning in order to make conversation. An image with your typical morning coffee mantra. All in the spirit of the eternal love for coffee. e.g. the poster "But first Coffee” by Junique. By hanging the poster in the kitchen, you may be able to start chatting even after your first cup of coffee.

8. Coffee seminar

You have this one friend who loves coffee. And they are a smarty pants when it comes to making coffee? Then simply give them the gift of a coffee seminar, e.g. by Kaffeemacher. Then they can learn it all at once– from how to use the professional Espresso machine right through to the type of Latte. After all, you will enjoy the benefits of a well-trained coffee nerd. When they prepare a coffee for you and tell you all the ins and outs.

9. Accessories with a royal touch


It won’t get more royal than this: let the Café Royal lion roar in comfort of your own home. Our accessories are the must-have for anyone who likes the royal design for their home. And for those who prefer classic and timeless. Notebook, glasses, cups or sports bag: they will fulfil the wishes of any coffee lover.