FivePounds is all about courage. In all its facets. And it means something different to each and every one of us. You come in. Wander around. And pick a dare. Or is the dare that picks you? Five inspiring women tell us about their experience.

Lory. Claudia. Sya. Linda. Anita. Five women. Five experiences. They are so different and yet so similar. Each one of them entered FivePounds with an open mind. The pop up event in Zurich dared its visitors in five rooms to challenge their fears, forgotten passions or hidden wishes.

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Some heard about it from friends. Others were tagging along with their friends. They were not quite sure what to expect. And yet, everyone one of them has discovered a special connection to a specific room. It appealed to them. It awakened something in them. And they embraced it. They freed themselves. They were royal. Every one of them. Their own way. Because royal is in everyone of us.

Lory. #performanceroom

Lory used to sing. Many years ago. But then she stopped. The performance stage at FivePounds brought her back to those years when singing was her passion. Would you go on stage and perform in front of an unknown audience? She was not sure at first. But could not resist. Her friends moved on to the next room. And there it was. Her window. She took the mic and charmed us all. It felt great – she said. It made her want to take up singing lessons again. She reminded us that we can forget a passion. But it never forgets us.

Claudia. #fightclub

Claudia is an independent fitness trainer. Her every muscle is perfectly toned. Her partner is a professional boxer. He keeps trying to get her to start boxing. But she finds it way too technical. It is not for her. Then FivePounds happened. And her fascination was all for the fight club. The punching boxes hanging there. She could not stop herself. And she heard her partners voice – «put the hips in your kick» he would tell her. So she did. She got rid of her extra energy. And recharged her batteries at once. Back at home that evening, she told him. Today I boxed. With an audience. And she felt that thrill he talked about. Would you have had the guts to fight a stranger?

Sya. #destroytocreate

The brightest smile in the room. Sya. Her positive attitude is so contagious that you start smiling with her without even realizing it. So we wondered: why would she connect with the demolition room? She got the spirit of the room. Spot on. It is not about destroying. It is about liberating energy. It is about making space for the new. To create a different reality. And she found her spot at FivePounds. Because destroying can be a start. Not only an end.

Linda. #byebyevertigo

She has one big, terrifying phobia. Heights. When she put on the virtual reality glasses, she had no idea where they would take her. She opened her eyes. She was in an elevator. She was told to press a button. And there she was. At the top of a skyscraper. A plank in front of her she would need to walk on. A plank that was put also physically in front of her and is rather shaky to walk on. She wanted to stop it all. And then she started breathing. To calm herself. She needed a hand. Someone to feel close. And she did it. She walked over the plank. Little by little. When she tells the story, she glows. At FivePounds she faced her biggest fear.

Anita. #blindtattoo

Would you let fate pick your tattoo? Anita did. Strong and independent, she never could have imagined that she would not pick her own tattoo. Impossible. And yet, she was tempted. She watched strangers get their blind tattoos. She looked at the choice of tattoos for a while. What if she picked playboy bunny? Could she still back down then? One of the last evenings, she went for it. A now or never moment. Her tattoo has a unique story to tell. She overcame her personality. She did what she did not think she ever would. Would you have?


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