When was the last time you showed courage? For you to live up to it, to experience life here and now, we created a unique space where you can free yourself and show you have guts. Where you can be royal – your own way.

Too many times we say tomorrow I will … change. I will show courage, be free and own up to myself. And yet that tomorrow becomes another tomorrow. But it doesn’t not have to be. To live a full life means to question oneself. To pause. To think. To pursue. To face our fears. Embrace our dark side. Turn it into our strong side. To liberate ourselves from conventions and everything that comes from it. Quite the journey!

Show yourself you can

We dare you to show yourself you have guts. We are here to instill courage. To give you a space where you can expand yourself. Where you can connect with like-minded individuals who like to keep it real. Rough around the edges, we live for the moment. And we toast to it with coffee-infused drinks. Courage shots. Power shots. For that extra kick that allows us to be ourselves truly.

Five-Pounds Zürich Tattoo

Experience the many facets of courage

To walk the talk ourselves, we created FivePounds. Middle and center of Zurich, it is a unique space that tickles your senses and enables you to test yourself in a safe environment. Since an act of courage means different things to different people, we picked five dares and dedicated a room to each one: dare yourself to go on stage in the performance room and share bits and pieces of you – singing, laughing, telling your story, screaming. Experience the thrill of a boxing match in the fight club literally surrounded by a cheering crowd. Let fate pick your tattoo in the tattoo-o-mat and don’t back down. Face your fears in the vertigo room as soon as you wear our VR glasses. And last but not least go nuts in the demolition room to destroy and be able to create anew. 5 rooms. 5 dares. 5 ways to live your courage.

Five Pounds Zürich Demolition

Be royal – your own way

FivePounds is not about provocation for the sake of it. On the contrary it is about expression. And appreciation for every facet of human courage. It is about feeling free and going your own way. And being surrounded by individuals who share your vision of life. Deep, refined, and real. It is about unveiling your way of being royal. Because you have it in you. So, are you ready to share part of your journey?

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