12 essential coffee specialties made with espresso

Espresso Macchiato, Latte Macchiato, Caffè Latte: sounds same same – but it´s different. With our infographic about 12 essential espresso-based hot drinks, you´ll never put a foot wrong!

The 12 must-knows when it comes to coffee

Does this sound familiar? You enter a coffee shop; the menu is enormous but the queue is far too short for you to make sense of the 25 different coffee creations on offer. You’ve barely had chance to ask the barista for some advice when a group of thirsty tourists comes in behind you. Under pressure you order something – just not exactly what you wanted.

In order for you to reach your goal with your next trip to the coffee shop, we’ll help to prepare you in advance with our infographic about the 12 essential espresso-based coffee specialties. If you know these 12, then you know everything you need to. Unpronounceable drinks like the “Vanilla Hazelnut Caffè Latte” will no longer frighten you in the future. What is actually intimidating you are the syrups which have the same name – in any case they are only something for people with a real sweet tooth. The basics however, stay the same:


Tip: Print out the infographic and stick it on your fridge. This way you’ll learn the coffees without even realizing that you’re doing it.