The 5 most daring coffee trends 2019

Coffee with egg? Sounds like an accident at the breakfast table. Yet it is totally hip among coffee fashionistas! Just like mushrooms, active carbon and co. Are you bold enough to take on the coffee trends 2019?

Mom Jeans. Craft Beer. Fermented cabbage from Korea. Opinions differ when it comes to trends. And the coffee scene is no exception here. On the contrary. We have scrutinised the blackboards of the hippest coffee shops. Sampled our way through the menu. And located the most promising newcomers. May we present: the 5 most daring coffee trends 2019!

#1 Superfood Coffee


Superfoods such as medicinal mushrooms, maca, turmeric and lucmo bring your coffee to the next level. These power powders raise the mood, increase stamina and even have anti-ageing effects. Simply stir them into your morning coffee – and the energy bomb is ready. It tastes unusual at first. But then unusually super. As the name suggests.

#2 Nitro Coffee


Nitro Coffee is perfect for coffee nerds, who like generous helpings of crema. Not the newest trend. But still one of the most unusual. That's why it definitely ranks under our top 5. The base is a cold brew, which is mixed with nitrogen via a beer pump. This results in a refreshing coffee drink with a fine-beaded texture. And a head that can compete with a Guinness. It is only logical that the drink is served in the matching beer glass.

#3 Goth Latte


You like to drink your coffee black? With Goth Latte you can take it one step further. Active carbon gives the coffee speciality a jet-black colour. What is more, carbon binds toxins and bacteria. In other words detox to wake you up in the morning. Another side effect: great eye-catching photos for Instagram. So bring on the carbon!

#4 Egg Coffee


What sounds like an acquired taste is a classic in Vietnam. Here coffee is served with a topping made of raw egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk. Slogan: eyes closed and bottoms up. Paradoxically, the creamy combo is reminiscent of tiramisu and is especially suited to those with a sweet tooth. You can now also find Egg Coffee outside Asia. For example as a signature drink at the New Yorker café Round K.

#5 Blue Pea Flower Coffee


Tea from the Blue Pea Flower is the chameleon among hot drinks. You drink a different colour depending on the combination. Our version with espresso and milk transforms the drink into a – truly – intensive blue. When mixed with citric acid, it takes on a violet/pink colour. It can be found at Starbucks, which in Asia is currently testing a variety of the drink with lemonade and cold brew. Just the thing for those who always wanted to drink their way through the rainbow.

Which trend has the makings of a new IT drink? And which merely belongs down the drain? Your choice.

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