All about the coffee capsule

It is difficult to imagine life without coffee capsules. Switch on the machine, fill it up with water, insert the capsule, push the button – the perfect cup of coffee is ready in just a few seconds. Now it’s time to take a closer look at this convenience product.

Why does the coffee in the capsules stay fresh for so long? What happens when you press the button on a capsule coffee machine? Why does capsule coffee taste just as good as a coffee in a restaurant? This is the story of a small capsule that has revolutionised the lives of many coffee drinkers.

A cup of coffee – but quickly, please!

We live in fast-moving times. The more quickly we can get something, the better. It’s no different when it comes to coffee. We all love a long, relaxing coffee break or a cappuccino with friends in our favourite café at the weekend. But sometimes things need to happen a little more quickly, especially first thing in the morning when you are rushing to get ready for work, when you need an energy boost between meetings or when guests drop round unannounced for coffee and cake. Simply put: coffee capsules are convenient and readily available. But that’s not all.


When quality and quantity join hands

Quality over quantity is a phrase that is becoming increasingly irrelevant in today’s coffee world. Yes, we want a lot and we want it as quickly as possible. But we also want the best quality we can get. This has resulted in ever-greater demands being placed on capsule systems and the quality of the coffee they produce. And when the demand changes, the supply has to change to meet it. New technologies and lots of expertise help to address these needs and treat coffee drinkers to an exclusive flavour experience.

A matter of coincidence?

The secret behind our Café Royal coffees is not just a matter of luck, but is based on extensive expertise that begins in the country of origin with the selection of the raw coffee. Our coffee experts work in the service of good taste and ensure that only select coffee beans are given the honour of making it into our coffee capsules. This brings us back to the subject at hand.

After roasting and grinding the coffee beans, the resulting coffee is immediately filled into the Café Royal capsules. Thanks to a special barrier in the capsule, the ground coffee is securely protected from oxygen, light, humidity and external odours. This keeps it fresh and prevents its diverse flavours from being lost.


One small push of the button for man – one giant flavour experience for mankind! These flavours need to be transferred from the capsule into the cup. This is more complicated than it sounds, and requires a great deal of clever technology. In addition to the right grind, the capsule plays a crucial role in extraction. Both the selection of the material and the shape of the capsule influence the flavour of the end product.

Why not try a little listening experiment: throw a Café Royal capsule into your machine, push the button and listen. After a brief moment, you will hear a kind of snapping sound. That is the moment when the aluminium cover of the capsule bursts. The water is first directed into the capsule, where the brewing process takes place. During this process, high pressure builds up in the capsule. After the bursting of the cover, the first drops of the perfectly brewed coffee enter the cup. A mere push of the button unleashes the power that produces a barista-quality coffee with a dense crema.

Remarkable, isn’t it?

The perfect puzzle

The art of producing the perfect coffee lies in making sure that each individual stage of the process is perfectly coordinated. This starts with the selection of the coffee variety and the decision as to whether it will be made into a single origin or blend, as well as which roast and grind will best bring out the aromatic substances during extraction, and continues with the water temperature and quality and the pressure and duration of extraction. And finally, the shape of the capsule, the material it is made from and its design are also crucial for a creating the perfect coffee.

Our little capsules contain a lot more than just ground coffee – above all, they contain the very best flavour!