Coffee – black or white?

Coffee is one of those drinks that brings people together. There’s just one topic that divides coffee fans into two irreconcilable camps: should coffee be served black or white?

Are you a purist who prefers your coffee black? Or are you more of a latte fan? Do you prefer your milk with a small shot of espresso? One thing is for sure: the black vs. white debate is a hot topic among coffee drinkers. Here are four good reasons for drinking your coffee with milk – and four strong arguments against.

4 reasons for drinking your coffee black

#1 Turn on your turbo

Do you need three shots of Espresso Forte to see yourself through the morning? You’re not alone – coffee improves your performance by up to 12 percent. As well as enhancing your adrenalin levels and concentration. It’s the perfect drink to help you get through a marathon of meetings. Be warned, however: you only get the full dose of caffeine if you drink your coffee straight. 1-0 to black coffee drinkers.

#2 All the aromas in the universe. In one cup.

Cinnamon. Leather. Peach. Coffee can taste like almost anything. It contains over 1000 aromatic substances – twice as many as wine! No wonder that coffee nerds can’t stand milk in their coffee. After all, there’s nothing more enjoyable than having an in-depth discussion about whether a Caffè Lungo has nutty or peppery notes. That means nothing should interfere with the taste buds – least of all milk.


#3 Healthy

Black coffee is unhealthy. It causes stomach upsets and dehydration. The list of accusations is long. And wrong! When roasted gently at medium temperatures, coffee is easily digestible. What about the claim that coffee causes dehydration? Another myth. On the contrary – coffee is healthy. Coffee beans are packed with antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. There’s a catch, though: adding milk reduces the health benefits.

#4 Black is the new black

It’s often associated with dull, dreary thoughts. Not everywhere, though – in Asia, white is the colour of mourning. Besides, people are always talking about ‘the new black’ to describe the latest fashion trends. For style-conscious coffee fans, black is beautiful.


4 reasons for drinking your coffee with milk

#1 Latte drinkers are more relaxed

You’re enjoying a relaxing breakfast with your friends. But why is the table shaking? Chances are that there’s a nervous caffeine junkie among you. Coffee purists also tend to talk non-stop and tap their fingers anxiously. A latte is the perfect antidote.


#2 Black is boring

Coffee lovers can recognise hundreds of different varieties with their eyes closed. But for most people, coffee tastes, well, like coffee. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to pimp up this popular hot drink. Soya milk, almond milk, rice milk, oat milk. And hemp milk, the latest hipster craze. If you’re still short of ideas, you can search for the latest coffee trends on Google. Or get inspiration from our recipes.

#3 We love latte art

Have you ever watched a barista turn your cappuccino into a work of art that’s almost too pretty to drink? Tulips, swans, hearts, butterflies – the possibilities are endless. Cafes just wouldn’t be the same without latte art. After all, coffee has to look good.


#4 Bitter? No thanks.

Let’s be honest. Black coffee can taste bitter. Not everyone likes bitter flavours. A generous shot of milk often helps to counteract the bitterness. You can also flavour your coffee with caramel syrup and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. Why not? Sweetening coffee is one of those small pleasures in life.

So, which side has the better arguments? Both have their merits. Coffee just wouldn't be the same without black coffee purists and latte fans. Just like yin can’t exist without yang.