La Laguna for the Nespresso®* system

For those who love their coffee simple. And are interested in finding out the story behind it. The Café Royal La Laguna capsules are perfectly suited for use in your Nespresso®* machine.

La Laguna

La Laguna

Sustainable in production. And in taste.

  • The La Laguna coffees come from the southwest of Honduras. We established a long-term partnership with 300 small farmers in that area. As part of this sustainability project, we support these local farmers to optimise the coffee quality in the long run, to improve processes, and to harness synergies. The farmers process their coffee at the central “Beneficio” in La Laguna.
  • The Arabica coffee cherries for our La Laguna coffee are picked by hand and are prepared using the wet process. The La Laguna Espresso is characterised by a refreshing citrusy acidity and subtle caramel note. The La Laguna Mild coffee beans also have a very balanced taste, offering fine flavours and a subtle acidity.
  • Full compatibility
    • our capsules are tailor-made for use with Nespresso®* systems. That way Café Royal capsules are compatible with all present models and you can prepare your Café Royal simply using your Nespresso®* machine at home.
  • Quality from Switzerland
    • There is a good reason why Café Royal is the best-selling compatible capsule for Nespresso®* systems in Switzerland. Our capsules are perfectly suited for use with Nespresso®* machines, develop an optimal crema and offer you an excellent coffee taste. Independent tests by consumers and experts prove that.
  • Flavour protection
    • we keep on enhancing our capsules for you. Thanks to the flexible plastic shell of our capsules we can offer you always the best coffee flavour. Due to the flavour sealing the ground coffee inside the capsule stays protected from damaging influences, such as light, oxygen or moisture. The flexible shells also adapt to your Nespresso®* machine and do not damage the mechanism for piercing the capsule. You always get the perfect coffee - with the best taste.
  • Café Royal capsules are suitable for all Nespresso®* machines. THe only exceptions are: Miele built-in devices as well as the piston machines (old models: Jura N75, Turmix C225, etc.).