Kids Chocolate 16 Capsules

  1. Unique chocolate
  2. Delicate milk
  3. Creamy flavour
CHF4.95 Incl. VAT, plus shipping

Kids Chocolate 16 Capsules

Café Royal Chocolate is a blend of the finest chocolate and creamy milk – a delicious taste experience and a creamy treat for your taste buds. The chocolate flavour harmonises perfectly with the delicate taste of the milk, creating a wonderful hot chocolate drink. It’s the ideal partner for a chocolate-chip cookie.

product declaration

Lasting enjoyment

As a supplier of Swiss premium coffee we guarantee:

  • • the highest quality
  • • sustainably produced coffee
  • • green cofffee from UTZ certified plantations - or a comparable label

You can find out the exact origins of your Café Royal with the UTZ traceability system GIP."

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