Bulletproof Coffee

Butter in coffee? A rather adventurous combination at first glance. So-called bulletproof coffee has quite a bit in store though. Including an energy high and concentration boost.

The bulletproof coffee trend has been spilling over to us from the USA for quite some time. And rightly so. After all, bulletproof coffee is supposed to put its fans in a high performance state, both physically and mentally. To benefit from this high though you need more than margarine and instant coffee. What is crucial is the quality of the ingredients: first-class coffee, farmhouse butter and so-called MCT oil.

Fit through oil and butter?

The US-American Dave Asprey popularised this fatty coffee creation. While travelling through the Himalayas, the locals served him tea with yak butter, which have him a spontaneous energy high. Inspired by this, he created another more effective version: bulletproof coffee. The essential component in this is the aforementioned MCT oil. This oil consists of medium-chain triglycerides and is present in virgin coconut oil. The body immediately transforms the caprylic acid contained in this into energy for the brain and muscles which provides a long-lasting power boost. The caffeine in coffee enhances this effect even more.

Health guru and weight loss disciples all over the world celebrate bulletproof coffee’s dual action. On the one hand it improves the ability to concentrate and sharpens mental focus. On the other hand it substitutes breakfast without any carbohydrates at all in the morning and leaves you feeling full until lunchtime. The effect of the oil also boosts fat burning. Sounds like a real miracle. But what does it actually taste like?


The bulletproof flavour

It is important to whisk the bulletproof coffee in a high-performance blender until it’s really creamy. Otherwise the flavour really does remind you of rancid yak butter. In terms of flavour it is comparable to a creamy latte. With a slight hint of coconut as an aftertaste. Bulletproof coffee hardly tastes like real coffee at all. And that is why it tends to be preferred by adventurous coffee drinks with a sweet tooth. Here’s the recipe for anyone who wants to dare this bulletproof speciality:

Ingredients for a bulletproof coffee (1 portion): - 250 ml good quality filter coffee (e.g. made from La Laguna beans) - 1-2 tbsp butter/ghee from pasture grazing - 1-2 tbsp MCT oil or virgin coconut oil

*) Multiply the ingredient amounts accordingly for more portions.

Preparation time: - approx. 3 minutes

Equipment: - Blender - cup



Preparation 1. Put the butter and oil in a cup and add the hot coffee. 2. Put everything into a blender. Mix on the highest level for a few minutes until the bulletproof coffee is nice and creamy.

This oily affair might not be to everyone’s taste. It’s worth giving it a try though. Help your mind and body achieve unimagined energy highs!